WFP Armenia Country Brief, June 2020

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

6,550 people assisted in June 2020

46,615 USD cash-based transfers made

117 tonnes of food assistance distributed

Operational Updates

• In June WFP Armenia has continued nurturing the partnership with the Government of the Republic of Armenia by establishing several framework agreements.

• A joint letter with the Ministry of Education (MoE) was signed to facilitate the implementation of WFP Armenia Country Strategic Plan (CSP) 2019-2024. MoE jointly with WFP are developing a roadmap to regulate long-term relationship on the school feeding implementation including the engagement for the transformative school feeding in Armenia for the next five years. The Ministry will delegate its operational functions to the Sustainable School Feeding Foundation to facilitate a strategic collaboration on developing normative framework for regulating the school feeding across the country.

• WFP jointly with UNICEF and UNDP has initiated a project with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA) to develop a beneficiary rapid assessment and beneficiary registration platform for vulnerable persons affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The key outcomes of this project will address identifying the right beneficiary and providing the right assistance, equitability, inclusiveness and strategic decision making.

• In the frames of the recently established partnership with the Agrarian University, WFP Armenia will conduct several studies and analysis on food systems, this include feasibility study for the whole grain wheat value chain project, growing nutrition dense crops in solar powered school greenhouses, among other. Experts form the Agrarian University visited Berd community, in which WFP has a food systems project, to determine training needs of beneficiary farmers.

• Based on the most recent food consumption behaviour study conducted by WFP, Armenians tend to skip breakfast.
Thus, in June, in the frames of its upcoming Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) campaign WFP chose the promotion of consumption of healthy nutritious breakfasts as the first behaviour to be tackled. WFP Armenia has started developing materials and a communication strategy to support endeavours in positively changing food consumption behaviours.

• To build the government’s capacity and support the gradual nationalisation of the School Feeding programme,
WFP supported the Sustainable School Feeding foundation (SSFF) in preparing high-level workplans for 2020-2023, as well as a 2020 workplan and Budget.