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REACH Armenia: MSNA Presentation on the findings, 22 January 2021

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Key Findings

  • More than 85 % of the households (HHs) in refugee -like situation reported that they did not intend to move or where unable to communicate their intentions, of the people that planned to move people intended to go back to large cities of Nagorno -Karabakh (NK) (Stepanakert, Martuni ) and other cities of Armenia

  • Findings suggest that shelter, cash, and food, are the main priority needs among the HHs in refugee - like situation (descending order). For host community, these needs are relatively similar: cash, shelter, and food.

  • Both host community HHs and spontaneous arrivals (SA) reported that it is predominantly safe for them to interact with each other; however, the situation is not homogeneous across all the marzes.

  • Among those who intend to return to their area of origin, only 12 % of HHs reported that no shelter repair is needed.