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Caucasus: Conflicting sides agreed on stationing peacekeepers - Russian mediator

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AssA-Irada 23/12/2005 08:06 - Russian mediator has said the parties to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict -- Azerbaijan and Armenia - have agreed on stationing peacekeepers.

"The sides have agreed not to make public details of the agreement", Russian co-chair of the mediating OSCE Minsk Group Yuri Merzlyakov told local ANS TV channel. But Merzlyakov said this would be possible 'only after an agreement on conflict resolution is coordinated and all the envisioned documents are signed' and it will take up to six months for the peacekeeping forces to start their mission on the frontline.

"It is uncertain which organization will lead the mission at this point. It could be assumed by OSCE, the European Union or the Commonwealth of Independent States."

The mediator said that the OSCE Planning Group, which recently visited the region to review potential areas for stationing peacekeepers, will pay its next visit to Upper Garabagh.

Referring to the experience in Serbia and Montenegro, Merzlyakov said the mission might initially include 10,000 officers, but it may be further enlarged based on an agreement between the sides.

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