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Black Sea Peacebuilding Network Regional meeting report, Tbilisi, December, 2009


Roxana Cristescu, Mikheil Mirziashvili and Antje Herrberg


In December 2009 Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) held a one day dialogue meeting in Tbilisi that convened the representatives of CMI's partner organizations as well as selected members of the Peacebuildingregional Expert Councils from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Republic of Moldova.

After the "Black Sea Peacebuilding Network" Project launch in May 2009, this was again an opportunity for all the parties involved in this initiative to discuss the results achieved by each country partner and each new established civil society expert council over the 6 months of project implementation.

This report aims to crystallise the key points raised by the participants of the Black Peacebuilding Network 2009 regional meeting. In particular, the report:

- Summarises the key lessons that surfaced in the activities of the Peacebuilding Expert Councils in the four countries in the last six months;

- Presents different implementation challenges faced by the participants during 2009 in order to reflect on the range of future opportunities for a stronger local project impact;

- Recommends actions at the local and regional level for further increasing cooperation in the framework of the BSPN; pointing also to present gaps in communication strategies or external constraints that might prevent action.

CMI is pleased to announce that with the support of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Black Sea Peacebuilding Network will benefit in 2010 from the membership of three additional partner organizations from Turkey, Russian Federation and Ukraine.

During this 2009 regional meeting, the partners have agreed that in 2010 it will be their main goal to work on strengthening both national and regional dimension of the network through strategic communication planning and enhanced cooperation with both internal members as external audiences.