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Armenian defense minister again proposes compromise to resolve Karabakh conflict

Addressing a gathering of young Armenians from both the Republic of Armenia and the diaspora at the resort of Tsakhkadzor on 23 July, Serzh Sarkisian argued that the only way to resolve the Karabakh conflict is through compromise, Noyan Tapan reported on 25 July. Sarkisian said that provided Armenia's three main concerns are met, he sees no objection to relinquishing control of the Azerbaijani territories surrounding the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) that are currently occupied by Armenian forces. The three Armenian conditions are that under any peace agreement, the NKR will not be vertically subordinated to the Azerbaijani authorities, it will not exist as an enclave, and that adequate security guarantees must be found to preclude a resumption of hostilities. Sarkisian incurred harsh criticism five months ago from the militant Public Initiative to Defend the Liberated Territories, comprising Armenian veterans of the Karabakh war, for expressing willingness to cede the occupied territories as part of a Karabakh peace deal. LF


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