Armenia: Long Term Planning Framework, 2012-2015

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  1. Who are we?

The IFRC Secretariat is organised in business groups: five decentralised Zone offices and four supportive business groups at the Geneva Headquarters. The Europe Zone Office is one of the five decentralised zone offices, with several regional and country offices reporting to it, covering the European continent in the broadest political meaning, i.e. 52 countries including the successor states of the former Soviet Union in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Within its specific region, the Europe Zone Office is responsible for frontline delivery through National Societies, backed by the Geneva Headquarters, which focuses on setting norms, standards and guidance, ensuring consistency, coordination, and accountability for performance, knowledge sharing, and influential representation.

The IFRC Secretariat maintains its day-to-day contact with the Armenian Red Cross through its local Federation representation in Yerevan, Armenia.