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R4V Southern Cone Situation Report - October 2021

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  • In Argentina measures against COVID-19 were relaxed, and population of neighboring countries can enter an exit Argentina as of 1 October. The complete reopening of borders is established as of 1 November 2021 through authorized safe corridors. Thanks to the fact that 50 percent of the population was completely vaccinated and the continuous decrease in cases in the country, as of 19 October, the quota in the number of passengers entering the country by air was eliminated, as well as the requisite for antigen test upon arrival of all those who have the complete vaccination and a negative PCR test. Within the framework of the Special Regime for the Migratory Regularization of Venezuelan Children, migration authorities (DNM) reported that 3,160 cases were registered and benefited from the initial exemption of identity documentation or proof of family ties, and that they will have a period of two years to present it. In Bolivia, Supreme Decree No. 4576 of 25 August 2021, continued to be in force, exceptionally authorizing migratory regularization for foreign nationals in an irregular situation, including Venezuelans citizens. In spite of this, partners reported an increase in migratory controls by the authorities in different areas of Bolivia, specifically in accommodations used by Venezuelans, as Supreme Decree 4574/2021 introduced greater reporting obligations on the activities of tourism, transport and hotels, and hotel owners are now reluctant to host refugees and migrants due to possible sanctions. In some cities, they are being sheltered in private houses, generating greater concern about the protection risks that may arise in this context, as well as the further invisibility of the situation and the need to resort to every time more precarious accommodation. By the end of the month Bolivia had only 33 per cent of its population fully vaccinated; in spite of this panorma, Minister of Health announced that the third dose would begin to be applied to people over 18 years old as of 19 October. On 15 October, after discussions between MFAs, the resolution of the opening in the next few days of three border crossings was announced: Formosa, Misiones and Corrientes between Paraguay and Argentina. By the end of the month Paraguay had only 33 per cent of its population fully vaccinated. In Uruguay, partners are preparing for the imminent opening of borders on November 1, it would be a partial opening of borders since Decree 357/021 of October 27 authorizes the entry into the country of foreigners duly immunized (vaccinated with one or two doses as appropriate + PCR negative). For those who are not vaccinated, the exceptions of Decree 104/020 for entering the territory, literal g and h, remain in force: manifestly well- founded cases of international protection, family reunification and humanitarian situations.

  • The situation in Argentina’s northwest border with Bolivia has continued to show a steady flow of refugees and migrants from Venezuela arriving to the city of La Quiaca (Jujuy), where partners registered the arrival of 154 refugees and migrants (139 in August), while entries in Puerto Iguazu (border with Brazil and Paraguay) doubled (29) comparing with the previous month (12 entries). The impossibility to initiate either migratory regularization or seek asylum in La Quiaca persist. In Bolivia, patners report exits towards Chile of more than 3,000 refugees and migrants from Venezuela via Pisiga, regularly assisted by smuglers present in the area. Some five deaths of refugees and migrants during the month were reported in the border area with Chile.