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Latin America and the Caribbean: COVID-19 Response Progress Report No. 2, Reporting Period: 14 May – 10 June 2020

Situation Report
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• In a month period, COVID-19 cases tripled in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) from almost 690,000 on 23 May, to more than 2.5 million reported cases and over 113,000 deaths on 29 June. Brazil has the second highest number of cases and deaths in the world. Peru occupies the sixth place and Chile the seventh place in the world. A small number of countries and territories have not reported active cases for a number of days. When calculated per capita, Chile holds the highest figure in the region at over 14,400 reported cases per million population, followed by Peru with 8,564 and Panama with 7,598 reported cases per million inhabitants.

• Although children and adolescents make up a small percentage of reported cases and a very small percentage of deaths, the socio-economic impacts of the crisis are having devastating effects in the wellbeing of millions of children in LAC.
UNICEF estimates that the crisis will push an additional 15.6 million children and adolescents into monetary poverty, leading to a total of 87.7 million in this situation.

• UNICEF’s COVID-19 response strategy is in full swing in all 25 country offices in LAC. In collaboration with national and local authorities and partners’, through UNICEF-supported actions, over 2.4 million people have been reached with critical water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) supplies, more than 216,000 health staff and community health workers have received Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), nearly 1.4 million children are benefitting from distance education services and over 196 million people are being reached through messaging on prevention and access to services across the region.