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SITUATION: Flooding in northeastern Argentina -- described as the worst such disaster in decades -- has killed some 20 people in recent weeks and has caused at least $2.5 billion in damage. Large sections of the region's cotton, tobacco and soybean crops have been destroyed over the 12 million acres affected. Tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated.

The flooding followed weeks of steady rain that swelled the Parana, Paraguay and Uruguay rivers and tested the capacity of the Argentine-Paraguayan Yacyreta hydroelectric dam in the province of Misiones. The dam has had to release higher-than-usual amounts of water, worsening conditions in already rain-saturated areas.

Parts of Paraguay are also flooded, with the Parana River overflowing. In all, some 75,000 people across the country have had to be evacuated because of the flooding. The flooding has affected peanut and cotton crops, as well as dairy farming.

RESPONSE: At the request of the Argentina Federation of Churches, CWS has sent $20,000 in blankets to the affected regions in Argentina. CWS may also issue an appeal. A delegation of the Argentina Federation of Churches visited the area last week to assess damage. Their major concern is unmet needs that will remain once the worst of the flooding is over and international agencies have left the region.

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