CWS Emergency Appeal: Argentina flood rehabilitation

Appeal Number: 6739
Appeal Amount: $30,000
Situation Report

Rains in northeastern Argentina since April have caused unprecedented flooding by the Salado River, severely affecting the provinces of Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Santiago del Estero. The worst hit area is Santa Fe City, which has been almost totally inundated by water.

At last 23 persons have died in the flooding, 600 are missing and 140,000 have been affected -- 125,000 in Santa Fe City alone. Some 24,000 houses have been damaged and 4,000 others completely destroyed. Some 12,000 persons are living in temporary shelters, including schools, churches and public buildings.

While water levels have begun lowering recently, residents whose homes have not been destroyed are gradually returning to clean up the debris. Management of garbage and debris in the streets has been a major challenge.

Exacerbating the problem has been unemployment caused by Argentina's recent economic crisis, with many disaster survivors not having sufficient resources for food, education or health assistance. Limited government assistance is available but due to the nation's precarious economic situation, this help is insufficient.

Emergency Appeal

CWS is responding through its partner, the Argentine Federation of Evangelical Churches (FAIE), a group of Protestant churches. The federation is assisting 1,300 families - some 6,500 persons. Many of these families were living in ramshackle housing in Santa Fe's poorest neighborhoods.

Food assistance is being provided to 750 families; cleaning kits and housing reconstruction assistance to 450 families; livestock recovery assistance to 100 rural families.

Food assistance, to be provided monthly for four months will include, in each food packet: milk powder (3 kilos), rice (6 kilos), sugar (4 kilos), floor (6 kilos), yerba mate, a tea-like herb (2 kilos), oil (2 litres), lentils (4 kilos), salt (4 kilos).

The package will be delivered monthly for a period of four months.

Reconstruction materials: Materials for the cleaning and reconstruction of the houses will be provided to 450 families. The materials will include: chlorine, detergent, sticks, dusters, rubber gloves, nasal and mouth protector and a broom. Reconstruction materials will include: paint, doors , windows, electric items.

Livestock recovery:

In the rural areas a package of seeds and tools will be given to the families. Shovels and hoes will also be provided. An agronomist will provide technical assistance to the families.

Medical equipment

In addition, FAIE is providing medical equipment to eight health centers in affected areas. Equipment will include: a stretcher; sterilization oven; blood pressure meter; stethoscope; five thermometer; 500 disposable syringes; 100 sterile gaze;100 gloves; 100 mouth and nose protectors.


  • 750 Food relief packets: $62,790
  • 450 cleaning kits: $5,400
  • Reconstruction of 450 houses: $162,000
  • Medical equipment: $3,708
  • Assistance to farm families: $3,600
  • Other costs (transportation, personnel, etc): $16,000


CWS-ERP is seeking $30,000 from its denominational members for this appeal. For more specific information, including budget information, contact CWS ERP. Or go to the ACT web site:

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE, Argentina Flood Rehabilitation #6739 (Ref#: LAAR31), P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN, 46515. Phone pledges or credit card donations: 1-800-297-1516.

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