Assisting flood-stricken Argentina

When intense rain flooded several cities in Tucumán, a province located in northwestern Argentina, ADRA immediately responded, providing emergency relief to 1,800 residents in the region.

An estimated 5,000 residents were forced to evacuate by nearly eight inches of rain and heavy flooding in the region that began on January 10 and affected more than 25,000 people. The storm cut power to 7,000 homes and made several roads impassable. As well as destroying homes, cars and other material possessions, basic necessities such as food and clothing were lost in the disaster.

"The situation is very serious," said Victor Peto, country director for the ADRA Argentina office. "However, ADRA is providing immediate assistance in response to this tragedy and is trying to reach as many affected areas as possible."

With the help of 70 volunteers, ADRA is providing food baskets, housing reconstruction materials, blankets, mattresses and clothing for 450 households in the province of Tucumán. The intervention, which is co-financed by ADRA Argentina, ADRA South America, and ADRA International, began on January 11. It targets the elderly, households with small children or members who are ill or physically challenged, and those who suffered the greatest material losses.