Argentina: Revised Country Plan 2011(MAAAR001)

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Executive Summary

The 2011 support plan for the Argentine Red Cross (ARC) was developed in a participatory process with the National Society; and supported by the mid-year evaluation of the 2010 country plan conducted in June 2010, the recommendations of the Inter-American Conference and essential reference documents including the National Society's strategic plan and Strategy 2020.

The present plan establishes concrete and achievable goals for the National Society, based on its identified priorities, and draws upon the secretariat's areas of expertise in the region and the Regional Representation for the Southern Cone and Brazil to provide added value. Continuing its long-term cooperation with the ARC, the secretariat will provide technical accompaniment, financial collaboration and advocacy initiatives in the following areas: health, risk reduction and disaster relief, community based activities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, the development of subsidiary territorial networks and financial and human resource creation.

The National Society and the secretariat have a shared commitment and a joint responsibility to effectively and efficiently implement the 2011 support plan for the Argentine Red Cross.

The total 2011 budget is 362,730 Swiss francs (Click here to go directly to the attached summary budget of the plan).