Argentina: Floods Emergency Plan of Action Operation Update DREF n° MDRAR008

Situation Report
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Current Situation

On 19 March 2015, a DREF Operation for 108,305 CHF was launched to help the Argentine Red Cross assist 2,700 people affected by floods for 3 months. To date, 82 per cent of the first disbursement of 52,828 CHF has been used to assist 365 families through cleaning supplies and community health training.

In order to complete the remaining activities of the plan of action, the operation has been extended up to 31 July 2015. The activities yet to be completed prior to the operation's end date are the delivery of 450 first aid kits and 14 community health workshops. The evaluation of the Operation is scheduled to be conducted during the first week of June 2015. These activities will finalize the plan of action.