Argentina: Floods Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRAR010

Situation Report
Originally published


A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Heavy rains have been recorded in many parts of Argentina since early December. The El Niño phenomenon has driven the rains in South America, and their distribution closely matches the El Niño forecasts. It is expected that flooding will continue through January 2016 and into early February in the coast of Argentina, as well as in and around the Parana, Paraguay and Uruguay rivers.

The most affected provinces in Argentina are Entre Ríos and Corrientes where six deaths have been registered. In total, 3,430 households (HHs), approximately 17,951 people, have been affected, including 1,073 HHs (5,365 people) who have been displaced.

Reports indicate that on 26 December, at the peak of the flood, nearly 15,000 people were evacuated in the affected provinces due to one of the most complex floods in history. The city of Concordia, located in the Entre Ríos province, was the most affected as water flooded urban areas, which complicated evacuation efforts.

Below is a table based on information and data from the Argentine Red Cross (ARC) on municipalities in the provinces of Corrientes and Entre Ríos. This information is updated daily by the National Society.