Argentina: Floods - DREF Final Report (MDRAR016)

Situation Report
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A. Analysis of the situation

Description of the disaster

Heavy rainfall at the beginning of the year caused flooding in six provinces in northern Argentina, affecting 31,651 people in Chaco, Corrientes, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, resulting in 5,336 people being evacuated, 6,031 self-evacuated, 25 people isolated from their communities and houses due to flooded roadways and four people dead. The rains that fell on 17 January once again affected Argentina's northeastern and coastal areas, including the towns of Vilelas, Resistencia and Villa Minetti in the provinces of Chaco and Santa Fe respectively. These rains, which left large amounts of accumulated water, had a direct and stronger effect than the previous ones. The soil's saturation prevented families from evacuating in time, causing further damage to 9,000 families and their homes. Local authorities in Chaco and Santa Fe provinces declared a Water Emergency and requested support from the national Government, and on 18 January the Senate declared an agricultural emergency for the entire territory of Santa

One week before the closing of this operation, 200mm of water fell in southern Chaco province, causing flash flooding that affected access roads to the community. The team on the ground and the authorities once again supported the community through evacuation and assistance. Nevertheless, services and affected communities returned to normal within a few hours as the rains ended, and water was redirected to natural reservoirs such as lagoons and streams.