ACT appeal : Argentina floods (#976309)

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SITUATION: Strong storms, unusually heavy rains and torrential flooding have affected northern regions of Argentina, particularly the provinces of Entre Rios, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Misones, Chaco and Formosa. This El Nino-generated disaster has caused some of the worst flooding in Argentina in more than 20 years, forcing the evacuation of thousands and causing major infrastructure and crop damage. In all, more than 75,000 people have been displaced and nearly 300,000 have been affected in some way by the flooding.
RESPONSE: The Blanket Fund monies were used for blankets and bedding. This also applies to the other $75,000 in CWS
Blanket Fund monies that have been requested during the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase and will be sent directly to FAIE.

CWS is asking its member denominations to contribute up to $100,000 to support this appeal by CWS and Action by Churches Together (ACT) International for the response effort, particularly in the El Chaco region.

Contributions or pledges already made to this appeal include:

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.): $15,000 sent directly to ACT;

Church of the Brethren: $5,000 to CWS/ACT;

United Church of Christ: $6,000 sent to the Disciples of Christ in Argentina and has pledged an additional $4,000 toward this CWS/ACT appeal;

Christian Church (Disciples): $4,000-$6,000 for this CWS/ACT appeal;

$5,000 sent directly to the Disciples of Christ in Argentina.


Now that the flood waters have receded, FAIE, through its emergency response committee CEPE (Ecumenical Committee for Emergencies), has appealed for ACT and CWS funding and support to implement a rehabilitation and reconstruction project which will target the critical needs of the vulnerable indigenous and Creole (mestizo) survivors of the flooding.

FAIE-CEPE will provide short-term assistance to the poorest urban and rural populations in areas where there are ecumenical churches and entities which are FAIE members. This aid will go to families or groups which have not received help from the state or other civil society organizations. Among the planned projects are emergency preparedness; health workshops; provision of food, clothing, blankets, medicines, household and hygiene items and shelter.


Emergency preparedness, crisis and post-crisis assistance, transportation: $257,500
Capital equipment, personnel, administration, operations and support costs: $27,800

A complete breakdown of costs and project income is available upon request.

CWS will channel funds to ACT. Please send contributions to CWS/ERO in New York and designate to CWS/ACT Appeal, Argentina Flooding (#976309). Those wanting a complete copy of the ACT appeal, which includes a detailed budget breakdown, should contact the CWS Emergency Response Office. Or visit the ACT website:

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