USA and Caribbean - Hurricane IRMA Update (DG ECHO, GDACS, NOAA, UN, International Red Cross, Local Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 13 September 2017)

  • Hurricane IRMA moved across Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee (USA) on 12 September, weakening and dissipating. Heavy rain and strong winds affected several areas along its path.

  • The Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) has been activated for Florida State on 12 September by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency. This brings to five the number of Copernicus activations related to IRMA (France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, European Commission and USA).

  • The death toll after the passage of IRMA has reached 51 people. The United Nations and the International Red Cross reported, as of 13 September, at least 35 people dead in the Caribbean, severe damage to major infrastructure and health centres, loss of electricity and limited access to clean water. Some islands in the eastern Caribbean have been totally destroyed, with up to 90% of the buildings affected. Local media reported that 12 people died in Florida, three in Georgia and one more in South Carolina.

  • France and the Netherlands are continuing to evacuate people from Saint-Martin island, including EU citizens, but the process is long. Several Member States (CZ, BE, RO, DE, MT, PG, ES, SE, HU, DK) reported having citizens (five to ten) still facing a very difficult situation on Saint-Martin island and British Virgin Islands.

  • Germany requested support through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to send a consular assistance team to Florida for the benefit of German and EU citizens. In addition, Portugal confirmed that it will charter a plane to Guadeloupe on 13 September to repatriate its citizens (seats are available for other EU nationals).