Regional briefing on National Adaptation Plans: Caribbean in Focus

In brief

Several countries have disaster risk management plans, which need to be taken into consideration in the process to formulate and implement NAPs.

  • Many Caribbean countries have already mainstreamed adaptation into national development plans and climate change policies

  • Robust institutional arrangements provide an enabling environment for advancing adaptation planning.

  • Medium- to long-term NAP processes which integrate adaptation into planning and budgeting across all sectors and scales have been initiated in five countries within the region.

  • Adaptation and adaptation priorities are included in almost all I/NDCs in the region.

  • Priority adaptation sectors for the region include agriculture, coastal management and water, as well as health, urban settlements and tourism.

  • Integration of disaster risk reduction and adaptation into planning is particularly relevant given the high vulnerability of the region to extreme events.

  • There is a growing understanding of the importance of integrating gender into adaptation planning and implementation in the region.

  • The process to formulate and implement NAPs will enhance the integration of adaptation into sectoral planning in countries throughout the region, providing an opportunity to advance development planning, and support the achievement of SDGs.

  • There are existing regional organisations, governmental bodies and joint programmes in the Caribbean, which provide opportunities for advancing adaptation planning.