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Caribbean MAA49001 Annual Report 2010


This report covers the period 01 January 2010 to 31 December 2010.

In brief Programme purpose: National Societies in the Caribbean region, with support from the Caribbean Regional Representation Office (CRRO), continue to implement responsive and focused programmes that contribute to improving the lives of vulnerable people. These programmes are aligned with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Strategy 2020, and are intended to meet the IFRC's vision “to inspire, facilitate and promote at all times all forms of humanitarian activities by National Societies, with a view to preventing and alleviating human suffering and thereby contributing to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and peace in the world”.

Programmes summary: The CRRO is supporting a range of programmes that serve as an important part of the activities for the 13 National Societies in the region. This effort makes a positive contribution for the vulnerable communities that these National Societies serve by building resilience and capacity to respond to disasters and crises. Programming activities cover the core areas of Disaster Management, Health and Care, and Organizational Development, in alignment with the strategic aims and enabling actions of Strategy 2020. These programmes with the substantial support of donors and partners, have been largely successful in meeting their aims and garnering appreciation in the communities reached. In line with the Global Agenda Goals, the CRRO‟s mandate is being met to support the National Societies‟ achievement of these objectives. For example, the intent to build community resilience was addressed across goals 1 and 2 and also aligned with Strategic Aim 2 of Strategy 2020.

Financial situation: The total 2010 budget was 5,026,881 Swiss francs, of which 3,837,591 Swiss francs (76 per cent) was covered during the reporting period (including opening balance). Overall expenditure during the reporting period was 4,131,762 Swiss francs (82 per cent) of the budget.