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Post Impact Report #1 - Hurricane Lenny

Issued: 18 November 1999

The Caribbean Islands continue to keep a wary eye on Hurricane Lenny as they assess the damage received from heavy rain and battering waves. Hurricane Lenny was stationary for many hours today and began drifting east-northeast this afternoon. At 5.00pm today Hurricane Lenny with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph with higher gusts was located near latitude 18.1north and longitude 63.1west. The core of the hurricane is expected to be over Anguilla during the next several hours.

Throughout the day participating states have been assessing damage and forwarding reports to the CDERA Coordinating Unit, which is continuing efforts to moblise support for emergency response as soon as the weather permits. Cabinet and Government officials in several countries have met. So far Grenada has declared the Petit Caricou and the West Coast Disaster Areas.

The following represents a summary report of the damage in the Island chain received, November 18, 1999 with additional information provided by the Governments of Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


  • All schools on the western side of the island remain closed
  • There is no access to some villages due to badly damaged roads.
  • 21 small craft lost
  • 40 persons displaced
  • 10 houses destroyed
  • 2 jetties damaged


  • Northwest rural area experienced swells up to 20ft
  • Water reached about 200 yards inland to coastal roads around Port Zante
  • Social Security Building was flooded as well as other businesses downtown
  • Sections of Port Zante were affected
  • Charlestown Dock in Nevis was under water
  • Government buildings have been affected
  • 4 families had to be evacuated
  • Beach erosion in the area of the Four Seasons Hotel
  • Most of the Guest of the Four Season Hotel were evacuated by Tuesday afternoon.
  • Sandy Bay and Old Road was also flooded


  • Assessment is ongoing in Dominica
  • Two feared dead
  • Roads in Scottshead and Capuchin (approximately 29km) have been damaged at several points
  • Villages of Capuchin and Clifton are presently cut off from Portsmouth
  • Direct link from Portsmouth to Rouseau and from Soufriere to Roseau affected
  • 36 wooden houses at Baytown, Pointe Michel, Loubiere, Newton, Mahut and Les Pointe reportedly destroyed and several others damaged
  • Extensive damage to West Coastline
  • Newly built fishing Complex was damaged
  • Bay Front area suffered coastal flooding
  • Banana collection scheduled for today has been postponed.


  • West Coast affected
  • Town of Soufriere battered by waves over 10ft.
  • 7 houses destroyed
  • Several persons were moved to shelters
  • Damage to fishing boats in Choiseul and Laborie


  • Damage to Western Roads - extent being assessed


  • Flooding in coastal areas of city
  • 3 houses and 1 shop washed away in Dark View
  • 5 houses damaged


  • Coastal flooding
  • Severe flooding in Crabbe Hill Area
  • Boulders blocked roads in some areas,


  • Damage to coastline at LittleBay below the Ferry Check-in Area


  • Anguilla is awaiting the passage of Lenny, core is expected to pass over Island later today.
  • Localised flooding
  • Some roads near to the ponds are impassable due to flooding.

CDERA has requested the affected countries to submit detailed assessments which quantify damage and focus on the needs of victims by tomorrow Friday, November 1999 in order to facilitate the preparation of a proposal for emergency assistance.

The Caribbean Disaster Relief Unit (CDRU) remains on standby to offer support if required. The CDERA Coordinating Unit will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as necessary.

All members of the Regional Response Mechanism remain on standby to be deployed.

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