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Hurricane Lenny OCHA Situation Report No. 6

Hurricane Lenny Caribbean Region
OCHA Situation Report No.6
23 November 1999
1. The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency /CDERA reports that Hurricane Lenny impacted the northern Leeward Islands with both hurricane and tropical storm force conditions continuously over a three-day period resulting in flooding, blocked roads, damage to housing and to utilities, whilst in the southern Windward Islands high seas and thunderstorms associated with the hurricane resulted in extensive damage to coastal areas with beach erosion.

2. The United Nations Disaster Management Team/Barbados, CDERA and the Eastern Caribbean Donors Group have agreed to

· Deploy a Rapid Needs Assessment Team comprised of persons with specialised technical skills to support the affected countries in translating impact assessments into reconstruction needs. The team (CDERA, Regional Security System/RSS, FAO, PAHO, Canadian International Development Agency/CIDA) will cover Anguilla, Antigua/Barbuda, and St. Kitts/Nevis as these have been assessed to be the most severely affected parts of the region covered by the CDERA Regional Mechanism.

· Submit the assessment to, inter alia, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to access support under the CDB's Disaster Fund.

3. At the request of the Government of Grenada, CDB has sent an assessment team whose findings will be added to those of the mission mentioned above. CDB has further pledged emergency assistance to affected States through CDERA.

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