Zambia - Relocation of Angolan Refugees: Update 24 Mar 2000

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From IOM Press Briefing Notes
Intermittent clashes between Angolan Government forces and UNITA on the Angolan side of the Cuando Cubango River may trigger a new influx of Angolan refugees into Zambian territory. This is likely to force more people to cross the river to seek safe haven in Zambia.

IOM will continue providing transport away from the border areas to those already there and to any new refugees arriving in Sinjembela.

Since the 1st of March, when IOM began transporting the refugees, until last night, 4,597 people had been moved from the border area of Sinjembela to a new camp located inland at Nangweshi. Before the 1st of March UNHCR had already transported some 2,100 people. The total number of Angolan refugees who have been transported away form the border now stands at 6,697. The fact that the rains have subsided in the past few days has allowed IOM to increase the number of refugees being transported per day. There are some 3,000 left at the border.

All refugees that are being transported are being vaccinated against measles by MSF. MSF is reporting malaria and dysentery on the border area.
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