World Bank supports Angola's recovery program

Press Release No:2007/376/AFR

WASHINGTON, May 22, 2007 - The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors today approved an International Development Association (IDA) credit* of US$102 million to the government of Angola for the implementation of the second phase of the Emergency Multisector Recovery Program (EMRP2).

The program aims at helping to build the foundation for long-term reconstruction, economic rehabilitation, and the reestablishment of state administration throughout the country. While EMRP 1 supported activities that addressed the most urgent needs, EMRP 2 will build on the activities of EMRP 1 and focus on upgrading infrastructure, supporting rehabilitation or construction of feeder roads, trunk roads (including bridges), electricity services, rural water supply, water supply in a provincial capital, and urban infrastructure.

The main objectives of the second phase of the program, which build on the objectives and activities of the first phase, are to assist the government to: (a) facilitate agricultural marketing in specific areas with high agricultural potential that have been affected by the conflict, (b) reconstruct and rehabilitate critical infrastructure, and (c) strengthen capacity of participating ministries and agencies for improved governance and transparency and of local governments for future decentralization

As the Vice-Minister of Planning, Carlos Lopes said during project negotiations, "this is an important project and the first approved by the Bank that exceeds US100 million dollars".

EMRP 2 will bring enormous benefits to the populations, thus contributing towards the Angolan Government efforts to fight poverty. The program will help restore electricity supply in provincial capitals and improve public health conditions in urban and rural areas. It will help revive the economy by bringing down the costs of transportation, which will increase the competitiveness of goods.

Overall the program will support the preparation of the medium-term sector strategies, capacity building, decentralization and local development, and continue support for program and project management.


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