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WFP Emergency Report No. 30 of 2005

Situation Report
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This week 's report covers the following sectors/countries:
Sectors: Agriculture, Education, Food, Health, Infrastructure and Rehabilitation, Protection / Human Rights / Rule of Law, Refugees and IDPs, Shelter and Non-food Items, Water & Sanitation

This report includes:

(A) Highlights

(B) Middle East,Central Asia and Eastern Europe: (1) Afghanistan (2) Iraq (3) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (4) Occupied Palestinian Territories (5) Pakistan (6) Russian Federation (Caucasus) (7) Tajikistan

(C) East & Central Africa: (1) Burundi (2) Congo, DR (3) Djibouti (4) Eritrea (5) Ethiopia (6) Kenya (7) Rwanda (8) Somalia (9) Sudan (10) Tanzania (11) Uganda

(D) West Africa: (1) Cote d'Ivoire (2) Liberia (3) Mali (4) Niger

(E) Southern Africa: (1) Angola (2) Lesotho (3) Malawi (4) Namibia (5) Swaziland (6) Zambia (7) Zimbabwe

(F) Asia: (1) Bangladesh (2) Indonesia (3) Korea (DPR) (4) Maldives (5) Sri Lanka

(G) Latin America and Caribbean: (1) Regional: Hurricanes in the Caribbean (2) Bolivia (3) Colombia (4) Cuba (5) Guatemala (6) Honduras (7) Nicaragua

(A) Highlights

(a) Sixteen tons of oil, sugar and plumpy nut arrived in Niger, to help stave off the country's deepening hunger crisis. Further airlifts will continue in the coming days.

(b) WFP has pledged 48 tons of corn-soya blend to be distributed to children affected by the clashes that occurred last week in Marsabit, northern Kenya.

(c) Food distribution in Mornei camp in Sudan's West Darfur region, was disrupted on 16 July, resulting in a number of injuries and two fatalities.

(d) WFP will be allowed access to begin food aid distributions in Kowon County in DPRK's South Hamgyong Province. Distributions had been halted for the past 6 months after the county had been declared inaccessible to WFP.

(e) A convoy of trucks transporting WFP food commodities left for Kalonge, DRC, to be distributed to 10,000 IDPs, who were recently displaced due to violence.

(f) WFP and partners have agreed on measures to urgently address high levels of malnutrition among Somali children under five who are living in Kebribeyah refugee camp in eastern Ethiopia.

(g) Anticipating potential restrictions in access to the Gaza strip during and after Israel's withdrawal, WFP has provided 58,775 beneficiaries with advance rations and has in addition pre-positioned food commodities.

(h) WFP provided food distributions for tsunami-affected people in Somalia have been discontinued, as the situation regarding the WFP chartered vessel, that was taken hostage a month ago, remains unresolved.

(i) Following a needs assessment conducted on 19 July, WFP is planning to release a one month food ration for over 500 flood affected families in Tajikistan.

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