Water Supply to Resume in Central Angola in November

from Pan African News Agency
Published on 23 Oct 2000
Huambo, Angola
The Huambo provincial government in central Angola has announced that treatment and supply of drinking water could resume in Huambo city and its suburbs 11 November.

The provincial water director, Rodrigues Pitter Karmamen, said works was under way to resume supply to the city and its surroundings, after the suspension a year ago due to technical problems.

The production and supply would be carried out from a catchment station on Kulimahala river, where works estimated to cost 150,000 US dollars was currently under way, he added.

The provincial government has released 26,605 US dollars out of the amount needed to rehabilitate the water production system on Kulimahala River.

Huambo and its surroundings are to be supplied from two stations on Kulimahala River with a total capacity of 1,000 cubic metres per hour, he explained.

According to Karmamen, the station will be re-opened as part of celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Angola's independence.

Four power generators with a capacity of 625KVA have already been installed at the Kulimahala station, and the Cuando hydroelectric dam is being rehabilitated for the supply of electricity to the Kulimahala station.

Karmamen further said that the rehabilitation of the Cuando dam would cost 438,801 dollars, including 391,901 dollars from USAID.

There has been a serious water shortage in Huambo and its suburbs since July, because of the current drought.

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