War and Peace in Angola

from Africanews
Published on 01 Oct 1999
Angola's armed forces are battling to turn the tide in nine months of fresh conflict with UNITA rebels, but have had some success in recent days after two failed offensives. UNITA said in a statement towards the end of september that the government had launched an attack on its positions on September 14, a third major offensive after campaigns in December and March.

Independent Angolan radio has reported fighting throughout the country's central region in recent days, around the major government held cities of Malanje, Kuito and Huambo, which UNITA has besieged since early January. "There was a big punch-up south of Malanje at the weekend. Hundreds of UNITA soldiers were wounded and the rest have been driven back". 25 September: Government forces have advanced in the central highlands in a series of attacks designed to expand their control of territory around a series of large towns besieged for months by UNITA.

On 27 September Government forces said they had captured Bailundo, a key stronghold, from UNITA. For the moment, there is no independent confirmation. UNITA refutes the claim. (Source: ANB-BIA)