Vulnerable people receive food aid in northern Uige

Uíge - At least 12 tons of goods of the staple food were delivered on Saturday to the government of the northern Uíge Province by the Mauritanian community to minimize the need of the most vulnerable population during the state of emergency in the country.

The delivery comprises rice, cornflower, spaghetti, cooking oil, detergent, bottled water, napkins and buckets.

Sidi Mohamed, head of the Mauritanian community in Uige province, said the initiative aims to support the local government's effort to reduce the lack of essential products to the population in this phase of quarantine, due to Covid-19.

In the meantime, he announced for the next few days the donation of bio-security material to the population in order to improve preventive measures against the new coronavirus.

In her turn, the vice-governor for Political, Social and Economic Sector of Uige, Catarina Domingos, praised the initiative of the Mauritanian community in the region, mentioning that the main beneficiaries of these goods will be the poorest families in the villages.

Lunda Sul

Cacolo - The semi-industrial diamond mining cooperative "Mawe a Uhenha" on Saturday, offered food aid to the Municipal Administration of Cacolo, eastern Lunda Sul province, to support the most vulnerable people in the region, as part of the fight against Covid-19.

The products delivered included rice, oil, spaghetti, detergents, mineral water and bio-security material for the prevention of the novel coronavirus.

The president of the Mawe a Uhenha cooperative, Mario Luciano, stressed that the diamond company joins the government's efforts in the fight against Covid-19, as it is a pandemic that can cause much harm to the population and the society.

In the meantime, the municipal administrator of Cacolo, Adérito Cahanga, emphasized the initiative, as it represents an action of solidarity in favor of the neediest people.