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LUANDA, Angola (PANA) - The chairman of the United Nations committee monitoring compliance on sanctions imposed against the rebel Unita movement, Robert Fowler, is on the second day of a week-long working visit in Angola Sunday.
During his stay, Fowler will submit to Angolan authorities the conclusions of investigations on the illegal trade of diamond.

Independent observers have said that the new conditions imposed by the UN have started to disrupt the world trade of the precious stone.

The new conditions require all diamond traders to produce a certificate of origin and a document from the exporting country before any sale of the precious metal.

A statement from the Angolan foreign ministry said the Canadian diplomat is expected to tour the diamond- producing province of Malange in north-eastern Angola.

He will also visit Andulo and Bailundo, the recaptured former Unita strongholds in the provinces of Bie and Huambo to assess the material and moral damage caused by fighting between government and Unita forces.

He will also seek to identify the origin of miltary equipment seized by Angolan troopsd from Jonas Savimbi's combattants.

While in Luanda, Fowler is to meet with the ministers of external relations, Joao Miranda, defense, Gen. Kundi Paihama and of finance, Joaquim David as well as the deputy minister of geology and mines, Carlos Sumbula.


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