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UNHCR Angola Operation Overview - February 2022


Kasai Caseload

Population Breakdown Presence of PoCs by Province In 2017, around 35,000 Congolese refugees fled conflict and violence from Kasai region in DRC to Lunda Norte Province in Angola, leading UNHCR and the Government of Angola to declare an emergency situation.
Lovua settlement was then established on Sep 2017. Since then, the 2017 Kasai refugees whose current population is 9,787 (6,953 in settlement), as they are referred to, have been granted asylum and provided with assistance and protection mainly in Lovua Refugee Settlement and other neighbouring areas within Lunda Norte. WFP provides food to refugees residing in settlement.

Regular Caseload

It comprises of 46,783 refugees, asylum seekers and few others of concern from DRC, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and other countries who has been in Angola between 5-30 years. They are residing mostly in urban location. 82% of the total urban caseload reside in Luanda.