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Southern Africa: Floods and Cyclones Situation Report No. 6

Situation Report
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1. In the Comoros, the President has declared a national emergency after weeks of heavy rain affected 41 villages.

2. The rainfall season has drawn to a close, and this will be the final Regional Flood and Cyclone Situation Report for 2009, except if further flooding occurs at a regional level. However, national situation reports will continue to be issued. A summary of the season, as well as the current situation, is provided below.


3. Regional: During the past 90 days (26 January 2009 to 25 April 2009), rainfall was above average over northern Namibia and southern Angola (see Map 1 and 2), and in early March 2009 extensive flooding occurred in these areas, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and causing significant damage. Flooding also occurred in northern Botswana, and across Malawi and Zambia. In Madagascar, extensive damage was caused by four cyclones during 2009. See Annex 1 for a summary table of affected countries.

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