Rain displaces 778 families in Ndalatando

Ndalatando - The rain that fell Friday over Ndalatando, capital of the province of Cuanza Norte, for eight straight hours, destroyed 263 homes, thus displacing 778 families.

According to the report of the provincial command of the Civil Protection and Fire Service, 1,515 homes and streets were flooded, in some cases due to the overflow of the Muembeji and Catenda rivers, hindering road traffic, for a few hours, on national road number 230, in this city.

The provincial commander of that corporation, Zacarias Pedro Quinanga, speaking to the press this Saturday, added that, in total, 8,902 people were affected by the storm in Ndalatando.

The most affected areas were Ilha, Sambizanga and Camundai.

Since the beginning of the rainy season in September 2019, more than two thousand families have been displaced by the rains in several municipalities in the province of Cuanza Norte.

Meanwhile , the governor of Cuanza Norte, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, announced that 250 plots of land are already under preparation for directed self-construction and that they will be distributed as of May, for the relocation of families living in considered risky areas in Ndalatando.