The President informs the UN Secretary General on the current situation in Angola

News and Press Release
Originally published
Luanda, 05 February, 2003 The President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, has sent a letter to the UN Secretary General explaining the current situation in the country and defining the present priorities for Angola.
In his letter, a response to the congratulations sent by Mr. Kofi Annan to President José Eduardo dos Santos after the establishment of peace in Angola, the Chief of State underscored that "the process of national dialogue between the government and UNITA as well as other political groups has been conducted in a spirit of peace, understanding and in a constructive manner".

He also stated that he hoped the strengthening of the technical and material capabilities of the UNDP office in Angola, and the full re-establishment of the relations between Angola and the UN would help the country better attain those priorities. One of such priorities, added the President is the "professional and social reintegration of all demobilized members of the military forces; the resettlement of displaced populations in their places of origin, the recovery of the economic and social infrastructure, which is indispensable for those populations to be able to go back to a normal life; the demining of the territory; strengthening the democratic system and naturally, to mobilize the necessary resources to be able to undertake those tasks".

In his letter the President underscores that given the peace and stability that now reign in the country, it is important that humanitarian assistance programs "prioritize the resettlement and reintegration of the populations in a lasting manner, ensuring in the first phase food self-sufficiency and later economic and social autonomy".

In his conclusion, the Chief of the Angolan State asserts that special attention should be given to the mobilization of the resources of the international community through the International Donor Conference or through other means, and expressed his appreciation for the support the UN has lent to the preparation and conduct of this important event.