Polio vaccination campaign to reach over 400,000 children in Benguela

Benguela - Benguela province will vaccinate 419,419 children from zero to five years of age against polio, from 4 to 6 September this year, said Tuesday in this city the provincial public health supervisor Américo Máquina.

According to the public health specialist, who was speaking to Angop, 373,645 other children from nine months to five years of age will be vaccinated against measles and rubella in the municipalities of Cubal, Catumbela and Caimbambo, where there are still active cases of these diseases.

To boost the immune capacity of the small ones, he said, the Health Ministry decided to administer the "oral bivalent polio" vaccine with the inclusion of vitamin A, as well as injectable polio.

Although the vaccines have almost the same action in practice, injectable polio is more recommended for children who have never been vaccinated before in their life, being given from two months to less than five years of age.

In the specific case of the city of Benguela, he recalled that it has already carried out the blocking campaign, so this time, it should be left to oral polio and vitamin A administration.

He called on parents to bring their children's vaccination cards during the campaign to better control those who have already received the injectable polio vaccine.