Over two million square meters cleared of landmines

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Ndalatando - At least 2.9 million square meters were demined from 2005 to 2017 in the province of Kwanza Norte, said this Saturday to Angop in Ndalatando, the head of demining operations of the National Demining Institute ( INAD), in the region, Chitavi Lino.

The official said that there have been removed, in the same period, nine antitank and ninety-nine antipersonnel landmines and 29,329 different unexploded ordnance, whose activity had an impact on cleaning access roads, bridges, small bridges, railway lines and transportation of electric power, as well as fiber optics.

Chitavi Lino also pointed out the areas for the expansion of agriculture and for the construction of new economic and social infrastructures as other beneficiary areas of the operation, with the aim of reducing the impact of landmines and other unexploded ordnance, of people and goods.

He added that during those 12 years the institute sensitized on the landmine danger at least 21,473 citizens, with a greater focus on students, in order to avoid possible accidents, and this was a continuous activity.