Over a million square metres of land demined in Soyo

M'banza Kongo - At least 1.2 million square metres of land plot are being demined since last April, in the Municipality of Soyo, northern Zaire Province, for the construction of a future gas production plant.

According to the liaison and information officer of the Action against Mines Commission, Lourenço Antunes, in last Monday's declaration to ANGOP, the work is being carried out by a Non-Governmental Organization which so far was able to clear about six kilometers of length and thirty km of width.

The factory, projected with the capacity to process four hundred million cubic feet of natural Gas per day, will be built by the oil and gas company ENI-Angola, as the project was presented to the local government in February of this year.

For this year, he went on to inform, it is foreseen the demining of the 110 Kilometres from the Tomboco/Lufico/Mpala road section, on the boarder municipality of Nóqui.

He also pointed out the demining of the Cabeça de Cobra / Mbinga road, in the commune of Quelo (Soyo Municipality), to allow the assembly of a metallic structure on the Lukulo river, that being another priority of the sector for the present year.

From January to March this year, 249 unexploded ordnance were deactivated in Zaire Province, with emphasis on antipersonnel mines and several ammunitions.