Over 7,000 Huambo families benefit from "Water for All" project

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Caála – A total of 7,200 families from Lupili village, commune of Calenga, central Huambo province’s district of Caála, are getting supply of drinking water as from this month, under the “Water for All” project, Angop learned.

The information was released by Calenga administrator, Lutonadio Samuel Ntima, who said a solar energy drinking water distribution system has been installed in the area.

He said the system was installed last year and started functioning in Lupili on the first days of this year.

Lutonadio Samuel Ntima said the water is treated to the standards required for human consumption.

The programme of supply of drinking water continues in the villages of Cassupi, Sukuanjali and Chikala, all in Calenga, about 33 kilometres of Huambo capital city.