Over 1500 land mines and explosive devices removed in 2011

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Ndalatando – At least 1.6 square metres were cleared out from landmines in the northern Kwanza Norte province from January to December 2011.

Angop learnt that 1.575 landmines and non detonated explosive devices were removed by various operators in the province.

The devices removed include 189 anti personal landmines, two anti-tank mines, 205 non detonated explosive devices and 1.179 various ammunitions.

The de-mining process in the province is currently secured by nine operators, namely “C” brigade of Armed Forces, the country’s Presidency brigade, Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), Kibuila Desminagem, National De-mining Institute (INAD), company “TNT”, Organizarion “SPOD”, Belief-Téno and COGOTEC-Comercial.