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Mental Health And Psychosocial Support in Lóvua Settlement


Introduction and Lóvua context

Forced displacement puts significant psychological and social stress on individuals, families and communities. People not only experience atrocities prior to or during flight; their living conditions once they have reached safety also bring stress and hardship.

People experience and respond to loss, pain, disruption and violence in different ways and this influences their mental health and psychosocial well-being as well as their vulnerability to mental health problems. Moreover, men and women, and boys and girls of different ages may have different ways of experiencing and expressing distress. Most people cope with difficult experiences and may become more resilient if a supportive family and community environment is available.

Lóvua Context

In 2017, political and military instability in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) forced more than 35,000 people to seek refuge in Lunda Norte Province of Angola in Southern Africa.

Most of these refugees, 50% of whom are under 18, now live in a large settlement in Lóvua municipality.