Marek News Briefs: Angola

Understanding the situation on the ground in Angola remains almost impossible for the public at large. Xinhua has reported, however, on November 30 that Angolan rebels have launched a new round of raids on government targets, attacking the town of Waco Kungo and ambushing tanker trucks belonging to the state oil company Sonangol. An official source said that Angolan government forces and UNITA rebels are currently engaged in "violent combat" around the town of Waco Kungo, which is on the Luanda-Huambo road, about 300 km south-southeast of Luanda. The heavy fighting reportedly began early on November 29 and is reportedly taking place around the airport, located some 10 km from the town center. Telephone communications with Sumbe, capital of South Kwanza Province, remained down on November 30. No further details of the fighting were immediately available. Reuters said that last weekend, three Sonangol tanker trucks were destroyed by presumed UNITA rebels in central Angola's Huambo Province. The trucks, which were transporting fuel from the southern city of Lubango, were ambushed by gunmen south of Caala.

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