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Malanje: Norway donates over $ 400.000 for landmine clearance

Malanje - Four hundred and seventy thousand US dollars was donated by the Norwegian government to demining operations in the northern Malanje province during the year 2016, Angop learnt Tuesday.

The information was provided by the deputy national director of the Norwegian People's Aid (APN), during the visit paid to the region by the Norwegian Ambassador to Angola, Habvard Hoksnes, and the Swedish ambassador, Lennart Killander Larson, to an area under demining operation in the village of Camalanga, municipality of Malanje.

According to the official, the amount is intended for demining operations already in progress in the village of Camalanga, in an area of more than125 square meters, and in the sector of Cula Muxito, in an extension of 100.000 square meters, for the development of agricultural activity, as well as awareness campaigns.

On that occasion, Malanje's deputy governor for the political and social affairs, Manuel Campos, he thanked the support that the Norwegian government, through the APN, has been providing in demining activities.