INAD destroys 49 explosive devices

Lubango - At least forty-nine undetonated explosive devices were collected and destroyed in Huila province by the National Institute of Demining (INAD) during the last six months, 12 more than in the same period of 2019.

Speaking to Angop on Monday, Tomás Calundungo, head of the INAD Provincial Services Department in Huila, said the devices were collected in the municipalities of Lubango, Cacula and Cuvango, the latter in the localities of Galangue and Dungo.

The manager also highlighted the removal and destruction of anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines and various ammunitions.

The official said that the institution carries out mine clearance work throughout the province of Huila.

He considered that the clearing of the respective areas, as well as the removal of explosives of various calibres, allowed for the increase of cultivation areas and the free movement of people and goods with greater security.

He informed that in the period from 2006 to 2019, following the work to clear suspected mine areas, INAD has cleared 14.8 million square meters of land.