INAD clears 20,000 square meters of landmines

During the mine clearance campaign, which took place in Kalambata and Nkiende communes, as well as in the municipal headquarters, Mbanza Kongo, and in Sumba commune (Soyo), INAD sappers had removed 9,982 undetonated explosive devices.

According to the head of the provincial department of INAD, David Sapalalo Ndué, who gave the information to ANGOP Thursday, among the devices are anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and ammunition of various calibres.

In the same period, according to the source, the institution raised awareness of 376 citizens about the risk of mines and preventive measures.

He reported that between January and December 2019, about 9,891 different explosive devices were removed and destroyed in the region, including 635 bombs, 17 anti-personnel mines, one anti-tank and 9,238 different types of ammunition.