Huambo records 158,000 cases of malaria in three months

Huambo - The number of malaria cases registered between January and March this year in the province of Huambo increased from 127,000 in the same period of last year to 158,000.

In a statement to the press, Lucas António Nhamba, director of the local health office, said the municipalities of Chicala-Cholohanga, Chinjenje, Londuimbali and Ucuma have the highest number of cases.

Without revealing the number of deaths, he said that this increase in malaria has forced a redoubling of preventive actions in the communities, so that the population knows how to protect themselves from this disease, transmitted by mosquito bites.

Lucas António Nhamba informed that several awareness campaigns have been carried out, during which citizens have been guided to maintain the strengthening of basic sanitation, at a time when the authorities are committed to intra- and extra-domicile spraying actions to combat malaria.

Measles frightens authorities

He also pointed out that the health authorities had recorded an outbreak of measles last April, with 12 positive cases, particularly in the municipalities of Huambo and Ecunha.

To contain the outbreak, Lucas António Nhamba informed that vaccination campaigns are being promoted, within 200 metres for each positive case.

He said that in addition to vaccinating the population, the authorities are also committed to raising awareness in the communities in order to inform them about ways of preventing this disease.