Heavy rains leave over 80 people homeless

Sumbe - At least 89 people of the Quissongo commune, Libolo municipality, in central Cuanza Sul province have been left homeless following the collapse of 14 residences caused by heavy rains that occurred in the last 24 hours.

To help those affected by the rains, the municipal administrator of Libolo, Rui Feliciano, has created a team comprised of members of the municipal administration, security forces and firemen to assess the damage and provide aid.

Eleven deaths and 13 missing people was the provisional assessment of the intense rain that fell during the dawn and part of the Saturday morning in Luanda, the Provincial Civil Protection Commission has said.

As a consequence of the rain, at least 113 families in the Municipality of Talatona have been left homeless, due to the destruction of their homes, built in a water line, while hundreds of homes have flooded in several districts of Luanda.