GDO Analytical Report: Drought in Angola – February 2021


Executive summary

  • A strong dry spell is hampering the rainy season 2020/21 and the hydrological year in Angola, and especially the south-west provinces. Despite the normal precipitation at the onset of the season, January and February brought less than half of the long-term average for the period, which accounts for 40% of the total annual precipitation.

  • Reportedly, the humanitarian situation is dire: people are fleeing the most affected areas and food security issues are spreading. The drought hit at the core of the growing season, so major damages to crops and rangelands are occurring.

  • The precipitation outlook until May 2021 is neutral or slightly negative over the most affected areas at present, and clearly negative for the neighbouring regions to the east and south. With March usually being the wettest month of the year and in absence of above-average precipitation, the situation on the ground is therefore not going to improve for many months ahead.