FEWS Angola Food Security Update 31 Aug 2003 - Prices decline, food aid deliveries expand

Situation Report
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The food security situation in the months proceeding the lean season is mixed. There is, on the one hand, a positive trend influenced by the continuing downward movement in prices, coupled with increased provision of food aid to families who have been unable to cope with food shortages resulting from poor harvest. On the other hand, commercial trade, as well as the transportation of food, seeds and tools for humanitarian assistance, is likely to slow down at the onset of the rainy season, as road conditions tend to deteriorate.

The overall number of people estimated to need food assistance increased by 19 percent (from 1,635,435 to 1,938,202 people). However, the current food aid stocks are sufficient to cover the new requirement until the end of October 2003.

Although the estimated duration of food stocks at household level was around four months following the main harvest in May 2003, the supply of main staples in both rural and urban markets is considered to be slightly above normal for this time of year. For instance, in Huambo, the cost of the maize-based food basket is currently estimated at 7.7 percent below average. Other provinces reporting below average price of food basket include Benguela, Huila, Bengo, Bie and Uige. These trends are expected to continue until the second week of September 2003.

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