FAO/GIEWS - Foodcrops & Shortages 11/99 - Angola

Government advances against rebels in central and northern areas have resulted in fresh waves of displaced people escaping from the fighting. Planting of the 1999/2000 cereal crops is underway. Prospects are uncertain. Persistent insecurity and constant movements of population, coupled with dry weather in October in central and southern parts, have adversely affected field operations. The food supply situation remains extremely serious. Severe nutrition problems among the displaced population continue to be reported from several parts, including Matalala, Kuito, Huambo and Malange. Despite the Government's capture of Bailundo and Andulo, insecurity and land mines continue to prevent access of humanitarian workers to these and other formerly besieged cities, which also remain isolated from commercial traffic. Prices of food have increased sharply in the provincial capitals, resulting in increased food difficulties for the resident population. The Government has launched a programme to relocate two million displaced people in agricultural areas and has appealed for international assistance to support the programme.