Executive supports Integrated Programme on Disarmament

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Lubango - Action Programme of the Executive for the 2011-2012 period covers the country's vision to provide itself with a legal and institutional framework concerning disarmament, supported by an integrated, articulated programme, whose effects in the short and medium term, contributing to the transformation of mind and behaviour of citizens.

The information was released Saturday in Lubango city, by the Home Affairs minister, Sebastiao Martins, while addressing the central act of the three years of the programme on disarmament of citizens in illegal possession of weapons, held under the motto: Resisting to delivery of weapons is resisting to peace. "

The official said it was necessary to disarm minds, as well as removing the individual's capacity to think he is able to undertake violent acts in the possession of a firearm.

According to the minister, you must call to reason and thus be more engaged in the process of disarming all the fringes of civil society who for whatever reason have not yet embraced this noble cause, whose benefits to society are immeasurable ".

For you, the proliferation of illegal weapons is an established phenomenon that is always connected to other criminal activities such as organized crime, drug trafficking, human beings, illegal exploitation of natural resources and illegal trade in protected species.

‘’That is why it is important to continue enormous efforts to because this way we will simplify the task of the organs of the Interior Ministry aimed to crackdown on crime," he said.

For you, the disarmament of the population and those who remain illegally armed should remain part of the action day-to-day.

"Today, the country is at peace and the universe of actual adverse consequences that armed conflict lists as among his countrymen, among which hatred and violence are sad reminders of memory that does not want to repeat," he noted.

He recalled that Angola as a member of the United Nations signed and ratified all documentation to the problems inherent in particular the Programme of Action to prevent, combat and eradicate the illicit trade in light and small arms and all respects with the essential aim of fostering peace and security in the world.