European Union sets aside 55 million euros for social projects

Lubango, 01/28 - Fifty-five million Euros have been set aside this year by the European Union for the implementation of social projects, especially those concerning demining in Angola's southern Huila province, Angop learned here on Monday.
Releasing the information, the European Union commissioner for cooperation, development and humanitarian aid said that in addition to demining, the amount will also be used in the construction of new roads and foment of agriculture.

Humanitarian aid, supply of potable water to rural communities, rehabilitation of social infrastructures, mainly hospitals, schools and their furnishing are projects in which the amount will also be used.

The main aim of this investment in Angola is for the creation of opportunities and to turn them into progress so that peace becomes true, the source said.

In Huila, the European Union is building and rehabilitating 15 schools at the districts of Chibia, Matala, Humpata, Gambos and Quipungo, under a 15 million Euros Project.

The funding will also benefit the central Benguela province, where 37 schools will be restored.

Paul Nielson stayed in Huila province for six hours, having visited some projects sponsored last year by his organization, especially the primary and secondary schools at Humpata, Tchivinguiro Medium Institute, and the Leba ridge road.

Source: ANGOP