Drought victims in Cunene get food aid

from Government of Angola
Published on 07 Dec 2019 View Original

Luanda - At least 2,400 tons of miscellaneous food products went this Saturday to Curoca municipality, Cunene province, to help the drought-stricken populations of that southern region.

The Civil Protection and Fire Service spokesman, Faustino Sebastião, indicated that the basic basket food consists of cornmeal, oil, rice, salt, milk, crackers, juices and canned food.

The official recalled that from March to October this year, 2,000 tons of miscellaneous products have already been delivered to help the drought-affected populations in Namibe, Huila and Cuando Cubango provinces.

Data from the Emergency Drought Program in Southern Angola indicates that 1,3 million people are currently affected by the phenomenon in the provinces of Cunene, Namibe, Huíla and Cuando Cubango.